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LiONiL: Library Instruction Online for Information Literacy

Module 5: Locating/Acquiring Information

Module 5 Quiz

I. Once you have located an item in the Kraemer Family Library catalog, the piece of information you need to actually locate it in the library is the:

a. Author's Last Name
b. Call Number
c. Title

II. You would turn to Prospector as a resource when:

a. Seeking additional periodical articles on your topic
b. Kraemer Family Library had no books or too few books on your topic
c. You were willing to drive to another library to find information

III. An Interlibrary Loan may be requested

a. when you need material within 24 hours
b. if an item you need is not owned by Kraemer Family Library or Prospector.
c. by calling a library that owns the item you want.