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LiONiL: Library Instruction Online for Information Literacy

Module 3: Searching for Articles in Online Databases

Module 3 Quiz

I. When searching in a database for a concept expressed in a phrase:

Example: Parent participation

a. always include the phrase within quotation marks
b. check the help screen to see how to set off the phrase so that it will be searched as a unit.
c. invert the phrase so that the noun appears first.

II. In the following search statements, which would lead to the largest number of results?

a. Cats AND Dogs
b. Cats OR Dogs
c. Cats NOT Dogs

III. In the following example, what is the name of the journal?

T.R. Herzog and K.K. Chernick, Tranquility and danger in urban and natural settings.
Journal of Environmental Psychology. 20 (2000), pp. 29-39.

a. Environmental Psychology
b. Journal of Environmental Psychology
c. Tranquility and Danger in Urban and Natural Settings