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LiONiL: Library Instruction Online for Information Literacy

Module 1: Selecting a Topic and Defining Information Needs

Module 1 Quiz

I. Which of the following statements is correct:

a. It's important, at the beginning of your project, to spend a lot of time crafting your research statement as it will direct your research.
b. A research statement should include the full scope of your research project.
c. A research statement is a work in progress and may evolve as you research your topic.

II. You are interested in finding studies on the public schools' role in childhood obesity in the United States. Which of the following sets of keywords best capture the nature of your research interest?

a. school-caused obesity
b. Fat kids, school, soft-drinks
c. Schools, obesity, children

III. The best description of the type of information you need for the topic above is:

a. Global, historical resources
b. Local--US, current, popular sources
c. Scholarly articles, current, US focus