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LiONiL: Library Instruction Online for Information Literacy

Module 6: Crediting/Citing/Referencing

Select and locate an appropriate style manualstyle manuals

There are a number of different style manuals one can use for writing research papers. A style manual contains detailed instructions on citing references both in footnotes as well as in bibliographies. Typically, each discipline has a preferred style manual. Ask your instructor which style manual you should use for a particular course.

The three most common style manuals are the MLA (MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers), the APA (Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association), and the Chicago Manual of Style. All are available at the Library.

The Writing Center has electronic handouts that summarize proper citation methods for the three style manuals named above. If you have questions about how to avoid plagiarism or need help with citation methods, the staff at the Writing Center will assist you. Go to their website for location and hours.