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LiONiL: Library Instruction Online for Information Literacy

Module 5: Locating/ Acquiring Information

Searching for materials in Prospector

Another great thing about Prospector is that you can begin a search in the Kraemer Library Catalog and repeat it in Prospector from any Results screen.

For this exercise start from the Kraemer Online Catalog Title Search Screen

  1. Search for the title, Gun Control: a Study Guide. As you can see Kraemer does not own this title.
  2. Click on the Prospector icon next to the entry in the search results. Prospector shows that 3 libraries have this item.
  3. Click the link, 3 Prospector libraries have this item, in order to determine if a copy is available.
  4. If the item is available from one of the libraries listed, click on Request this item.
  5. Select your home institution, Alliance-UC-Colo Springs, using the drop down box and SUBMIT
  6. To order, you would just follow the instructions on the screen and SUBMIT. Use the barcode number on the back of your UCCS ID card. Do NOT enter the letters in your barcode.

    You will receive a confirmation of your request after you hit the Submit button.

A few days later you will receive an email when the item arrives. Simply go to the main Circulation Desk in the Library to check out the item. The loan period is 3 weeks and you may renew one time.