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LiONiL: Library Instruction Online for Information Literacy

Module 3: Searching for Articles in Online Databases

Interpreting search results in Academic Search Premier - brief record

On the left of the Search Results Screen are some tools that allow you to limit your search even more from the 91 results that appear.

1. To limit your search results to academic or scholarly journals check this box..
2. Use the slider to limit to your results list to publications written within a certain date range.

Academic Search Premier search results screen

After limiting to scholarly journals, here is an example of the brief record of one result.

1. This icon indicates that the article is in a scholarly journal.
2. Note the dropdown box that allows you to sort by date, relevance author etc.
3. The link you would click on to find the full-text of the article.

Academic Search Premier results screen

To view a more detailed record of a search result, simply click on the title of the item in the brief record.