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LiONiL: Library Instruction Online for Information Literacy

Module 3: Searching for Articles in Online Databases

Keyword Searching in Academic Search Premier

Before you open Academic Search Premier, lets discuss a few of the features and tools on the Advanced Search screen.

If you were doing research about the effect of television advertising on the nutrition of children, you would set up your search strategy as it appears in the search boxes below.

screenshot of advanced search in Academic Search Premier

  1. Note that AND is the default Boolean operator in the search boxes.You can use the dropdown arrows to change the operator.
  2. The quotation marks around television advertising tell the database to look for the words as a phrase.

key information Use quotation marks when searching phrases in catalogs, databses, and search engines.You will get more precise search results!

The drop down boxes with the words Select a Field (optional) are field boxes. You can change the field to search by author, title, subject, etc. Leaving the box in the default mode, as shown in the graphic will allow you to do a basic key word search.