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LiONiL: Library Instruction Online for Information Literacy

Module 3: Searching for Articles in Online Databases

Test what you have learned

For this exercise, toggle between screens using the tabs at the top of your browser.

1. Go to the library home page, and navigate to Academic Search Premier. If you have forgotten how, refer back to page 2 of this module.

2. Enter the terms: democracy AND mass media AND United States and submit the search (don't forget to use double quotations where necessary).

3. From the results list, limit the search to scholarly journals published after 2010.

4. How many search results were returned?

5. Select one of the records and ask yourself the following questions.

How long is the article?
Is there an abstract that describes the article?
Is the author's affiliation/credentials listed?
Is the article available in an electronic format?
If the article is not available in this database, is it available in another database?
Using the Cite tool, can you find the MLA citation?