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LiONiL: Library Instruction Online for Information Literacy

Module 2:Finding Books and Other Materials in the Library

Locating Books and Multimedia in Kraemer Family Library

Once you identify an item in the Catalog that you want, you need three pieces of information to help you find it: Location, Call # and Status.

locating books

Location: points you to the collection inwhich the item is located. The Main Collection (on the 3rd level of the El Pomar Center) is where all circulating books are shelved.

Call #: points you to the precise location of the item within the collection .

Status: indicates if the book is currently available for checkout.

key informationThe three pieces of information you need to locate an item in the library collection are location, call number, and status.

If the location says ONLINE, as in the example in the screenshot below, status and location become irrelevant. Click on the link above the location table to open the book or document.

image of an item record for an online book