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LiONiL: Library Instruction Online for Information Literacy

Module 2: Finding Books and Other Materials in the Library

Combining Search Terms in the Kraemer Library Catalog

Probably the biggest advantage of Keyword search is that you can combine search terms.

Suppose you are looking for items about genocide in the Congo. Using the Keyword search screen, you can AND the terms together as in the screenshot below. Notice the dropdown box with the word AND.

AND is a Boolean operator. Other Boolean operators include OR and NOT. Boolean operators allow you to narrow or broaden search strategies in library catalogs and databases. You will learn more about Boolean operators in the next module.

keyword search with two terms

Open the Kraemer Library Catalog again and try this search yourself. Select a title from the results list and take a look at the bolded search terms in the item record. You should see at least one instance of each term that you searched.