Module 1: Selecting a Topic and Defining Information Needs

Where should l look to find:

...current events in the state of Colorado?

...a general article that discusses technological trends in higher education?

... scholarly information that supports my policy argument on stem cell research?

...peer-reviewed journals?


Article databases are your portal to print and electronic content in scholarly journals, popular magazines, and newspapers. You will learn how to access and use them in Module 3.

Scholarly journals:

The Journal of Applied Probability, Psychological Record, and Nature are examples of scholarly or peer-reviewed journals.

Popular magazines and newspapers include

The New York Times, National Geographic, Sports Illustrated, and Psychology Today are examples of newspapers or popular magazines.

In Module 4 you will learn how to determine if an article is scholarly or peer-reviewed.

Photo of several periodicals including a newspaper, a magazine, and a journal.


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