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Module 1: Selecting a Topic and Defining Information Needs

Where should I look to:

....find introductory information on genetically modified foods?

....locate current population statistics for countries in East Africa?

....get biographical information for Martin Luther King?



Reference Collection

reference collection bookThe Reference collection consists of printed and electronic resources that are meant to be consulted rather than read from beginning to end. Reference books provide summaries, quick facts, statistics, short biographies, and overviews on a topic. Here you will find subject encyclopedias, handbooks, almanacs, statistical compendiums, dictionaries, and directories.

key informationIf you need an authoritative introduction to your research topic, consult a subject encyclopedia. Articles in subject encyclopedias are written by experts and provide bibliographies that can lead to further information..

The Print Reference Collection
is located behind the Reference Desk on the main floor of the Library (2nd level of El Pomar Center). Books in this collection may not be checked out, but you can photocopy pages from them.

The Online Reference Collection can be accessed through the library web site.


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